Monday, November 26

I'm back! And with Serena style..

Hey guys, long time no blog!

I'm home from school for the winter holidays and ready to blog. And what better way to kick things off than a look for less, Gossip Girl style?

I absolutely adore Blake Lively, and even more, her character Serena on Gossip Girl. I've actually found myself transitioning into her laid-back style when I shop! So, how can we Wannabe's imitate her down-to-earth style without an Upper East Side pocketbook? Check it out, I'll show you, with a little section I'll call:

What would Serana do?

Here's a look for Around the Town:

To get Serena's effortless, down-to-earth look,

Start with a cozy button-up cardigan from Forever21, $29.80
Add dark denim shorts, $9.99 from
Grab a sassy bubble tank from Urban Outfitters, on sale for $11.99 (my pick: grey!)
Flat boots from Baker's, $89.95
And a cute parachute bag from SJP's line Bitten, at Steve and Barry's for $9.95

Stay tuned for more great bargains, especially as the holidays approach! I'm sorry for the hiatus but I hope to be back for many more blogs to come.