Tuesday, October 2

Britney Loses Custody

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Brit, the world has adored you ever since your days in the Mickey Mouse Club.

Those days are long, long gone.

The second the razor touched your head, we knew this was a new, scary Britney era. The paparazzi never left your side. Your face, kids and ex-husband were constantly in the news. But we were rooting for you the whole time.

Even through your comeback.. which actually set you back further than I'd like to admit.

You knew you were under review for custody. So tell me, Brit Brit, why the hardcore partying ways? Why the drug allegations? Clubbing right after court?

I hate to say it, but K-Fed almost deserves the children (even though he's likely mainly in it for the child support) after her downward spiral.

Check the juicy details here.. if you dare.