Monday, December 10

All I Want for Christmas.. a fabulous pair of slouchy flat boots!!

It's hard enough finding flat boots on their own, but add in the perfect slouch and gorgeous textures we've been seeing a lot of, and this search is near impossible.

However, there is hope! As one who is in total opposition to UGGS regardless of the time of year, I present to you an alternative. Behold, my list of amazing flat boots for amazing prices!

These canvas starburst boots are not quite as tall as I prefer, but check out that slouch! They're yours, from Urban Outfitters for only $58.00.
Hardcore! Ride in style with Alloy's $39.50 leather flat boot, pair with grey tights and a cute mini for New Years.

These $34.99 gray slouch boots from Target are absolutely perfect, I think I may actually head out today to see if they're as wonderful as they look online! Tuck your skinny jeans into these boots for an instant of-the-moment look.

What's better than the perfect slouch? Straps! I'm in love with these babies from Steve Madden, $103.96.

A few tips for happy boot wearing:
-Ankle boots always, always look best with tights! Switch up the usual black opaque and opt for a cool gray or (bonus!) purple instead.
-Boots can be tricky. If they are big around your calves, tuck skinny jeans into them.
-To offset a way-too-cutesy outfit, choose boots with a some serious hardware, like the Steve Madden boots above, and add a matching headband.
-If your boots are the focal point of your outfit, keep the rest simple so as not to overdo it.

You are officially ready to stomp out in style, so get walking!

Monday, November 26

I'm back! And with Serena style..

Hey guys, long time no blog!

I'm home from school for the winter holidays and ready to blog. And what better way to kick things off than a look for less, Gossip Girl style?

I absolutely adore Blake Lively, and even more, her character Serena on Gossip Girl. I've actually found myself transitioning into her laid-back style when I shop! So, how can we Wannabe's imitate her down-to-earth style without an Upper East Side pocketbook? Check it out, I'll show you, with a little section I'll call:

What would Serana do?

Here's a look for Around the Town:

To get Serena's effortless, down-to-earth look,

Start with a cozy button-up cardigan from Forever21, $29.80
Add dark denim shorts, $9.99 from
Grab a sassy bubble tank from Urban Outfitters, on sale for $11.99 (my pick: grey!)
Flat boots from Baker's, $89.95
And a cute parachute bag from SJP's line Bitten, at Steve and Barry's for $9.95

Stay tuned for more great bargains, especially as the holidays approach! I'm sorry for the hiatus but I hope to be back for many more blogs to come.

Tuesday, October 2

Britney Loses Custody

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Brit, the world has adored you ever since your days in the Mickey Mouse Club.

Those days are long, long gone.

The second the razor touched your head, we knew this was a new, scary Britney era. The paparazzi never left your side. Your face, kids and ex-husband were constantly in the news. But we were rooting for you the whole time.

Even through your comeback.. which actually set you back further than I'd like to admit.

You knew you were under review for custody. So tell me, Brit Brit, why the hardcore partying ways? Why the drug allegations? Clubbing right after court?

I hate to say it, but K-Fed almost deserves the children (even though he's likely mainly in it for the child support) after her downward spiral.

Check the juicy details here.. if you dare.

Wednesday, September 5

White After Labor Day

It's time to revolt!

I refuse to pack away my white mini dresses, especially when they look so cute with opaque tights!

Here's some background history:
The "no white after Labor Day" rule began with white shoes, where off-white would become the color of choice after the holiday. But then white shoes in general were deemed unfashionable, leading an entire tirade against the color, and the lightweight fabric it is usually found in, mainly by people who originally had no idea what "no white after Labor Day" even meant.


Sound the alarm, it's time for some fashion mayhem.

Start off small by carrying a white accessory or two, such as this $19.99 white hobo from Target.

Break the rules with this white t-shirt dress from Banana Republic, only $19.99. Why not rock this over a pair of dark skinny jeans or black leggings? Throw in some metallic accessories to look instantly pulled together.
And commit the ultimate faux pas with these (gasp!) white patent slingbacks from Guess, $47.99.

But please, rebellious fashionistas, carry a Tide to Go pen.. just incase. Stained white is never acceptable!

The Wannabe

Monday, September 3

Labor Day Sale!

Wow.. what a birthday weekend! I'll make up for the lack of posting with this one severely good piece of news:

Labor Day sale at!

Now is the absolute perfect time to get designer duds on the cheap.. and I mean CHEAP! Take a peek at the coats for a few of the best deals I have ever seen on Bluefly.

This double breasted Michael Kors trench is originally $160. Bluefly is selling it for $69.99, but you can currently snag this beauty for $55.99!

White not your type? I adore this funky Diesel zip up, original retail at $250 and currently selling for $71.99.

Bluefly, I bow down to you, oh givers of designer goods to those of us lacking a celebrity budget! It's almost time to pile on the layers, and now we can do so.. stylishly, of course!

The Wannabe

Thursday, August 30


If there's one part of my beauty routine that I can not do without, it's perfume. I feel self-concious all day if I forget! However, I don't believe that many people use the power of smell to their advantage. How many times has a friend told you about a great perfume, only to find it doesn't work well with your chemistry (or maybe hers?) Too often, if you ask me! has long been a black hole of procrastination. On a recent visit, I found this perfume quiz that was just so dead-on I had to share! Plus, the quiz results come up with some relatively inexpensive scents, although I believe in splurging a bit in this department.

It may be an old quiz, as all of my results led to dead links, but a quick Google search can help you re-find your scent!

By the way, my top scents were anything kid-like and sweet.. basically, dead on! I wore Escada's "Rockin' Rio" until it discontinued, and currently switch between PacSun's "Tilt" and Elizabeth Arden's "Provocative Woman," for day and night respectively. But I can't wait to get my hands on Armani's "Code" for women!

With a bottle this beautiful, it has to smell good.

What did you get, and do you think you'll try it out? Or, what scents are you currently loving? Would you ever buy a discount perfume or order online?

By the way- it's my birthday tomorrow! I may not post, but I'll try :D

The Wannabe

Tuesday, August 28

The Look For Less: J. Simp

OK, I have to apologise to Jessica Simpson for featuring her as a "don't without a doubt" in the high-waist entry. To make it up to her, it's time to feature her as a fashion "yes, please," as she was spotted looking particularly gorgeous once again.

So polished, and it doesn't even look like she tried.

To start off, I also adore the updo AND the clean face. Good look, Jess!

Piled high with accessories and class.

Large Hoop Earrings:, $4.99

Forever21, $5.80
Forever21, $5.80

Texas Necklace:

Urban Outfitters, $18

U-neck Tanktop:

American Apparel, $22

Wide-Leg Jeans:
Wet Seal, $34.50

Bright Blue Pumps:
Steve Madden, $29.99

Blue Faux-Reptile Bag:

Urban Outfitters, $29.99

Phew, that's a lot harder than it seems!

The Wannabe

Sunday, August 26

Prediction: Purple

Move over Miss Cleo, the Wannabe is one clairvoyant fashionista!

Long, long ago, before this blog was created, I told my good friends at FabSugar that grays and purples would be huge this fall.

One trip through Macy's was all it took to prove it.. I was right!

We all know that gray is potentially the new black. But purple was a long time coming.. check these hot, inexpensive styles to get in on the trend.

Urban Outfitters has these delicious peep-toe suede flats for only $28! Can't you just imagine these with some skinnies and a big, gray turtleneck?

Hello, 80s! Sweater dress + octagonal Girlprops earrings.. I'm seeing fabulous in your future!

Purple looks best as an accessory to gray, but this $38.00 Macy's cowlneck dress has me thinking the other way around. Gray knit tights and black ankle boots? Yes, please!

How adorable is this £6.00 coin purse from TopShop? It's a subtle way to slowly incorporate purple into your wardrobe. Bonus: use it in a metallic purse for double style points.

I also see potential for disaster in the future. Be sure to stick to richer purples, rather than light lavenders! The rise of jewel tones is what makes purple so relevant. Also, as with anything, don't go overboard unless you'd like to be a walking reminder of the purple people eater. That miight not go over too well on the streets.

The Wannabe

Saturday, August 25

How To High Waist

There's no denying it- high-waisted wide-leg pants have hit the fashion world full force. And why not? They take the emphasis off of your legs and create a longer, leaner torso and a beautiful hourglass shape. And the possibilities are endless with shorts, pencil skirts and skinny jeans also hitting the market in high style. But as many things in the crazy world of outlandish designs and eating disorders will do, potential fashionistas are unsure as to how to make this style work.

Rachel Bilson.. the reason I have faith in high-waists and wide-legs

Jeans are the big, big way to work this trend. If you can't seem to find the difference between a high waist and mom jeans, take baby steps and simply opt for wide-leg. Alloy has an excellent selection, priced from $27 to $36. And my favorite part- extended inseams!

Paris Blues, Truck and Piper High-Waist jeans at
Try the code "AEJAFF" for free shipping on $25+ orders through August 30!

Still can't do it? Go for formal. That way, they can be dressed up with a great blouse and heels and won't seem too trendy. My favs? Victoria's Secret, of course! These girls can turn a paper bag into instant Chanel, but I actually believe that the Christie fit might just look great on regular people, too.

The Christie fit, mid-rise wide-leg, $69.50

Ready to go all-out? I thought so! Urban Outfitters is the place for you. This trend hasn't hit mainstream yet, so if you're trying to be trendy on the cheap, you may end up looking more granny than goddess.

Try your luck with Silence & Noise, $98

This trend looks best on flat tummies, long torsos and smaller boobs, but not necessarily all at once. What do boobs have to do with it? Tucking in. If the waist is high: gravity-defy! Alright, that was terrible.. but tuck it in if you want to win! Err, whatever.. just put your shirt in your pants, unless you have big boosoms!

Oh, Jessica.. no, not today. At all.

Don't get pants so huge that you appear to be a footless wonder. The tip of your (pointy-toe? open-toe platform?) shoes should be visible. Also, be wary if you're short. Too much length can make legs appear stumpy instead of swan-like! The reason we should all rock high-waisted jeans? The ability to bend over, sit down or stretch without double checking for butt cleavage and muffin tops first!

The Wannabe

Friday, August 24

Amanda, Dear

I have to admit, I'm not a fan of Amanda Bynes. Ever since her spaztastic days on All That, and even worse, her own show on Nickelodeon. Please!

But I have to admit.. I kinda adore Dear, her new clothing line sold exclusively at Steve and Barry's, which dropped August 16.

The Web site makes everything look more 12-year old than it should with its excessive layering, hearts and random accessories, but many standalone pieces can actually make for good wardrobe-building basics.

Adore the gray and black striped sweater!
The outfit she's rocking is also from her collection.

I'm still not quite sure where Ms. Bynes was given the style OK to create a clothing line, but hey.. there's nothing over $20!

The Wannabe

Thursday, August 23

Back to School

I'm about to go "back-to-school" shopping with my mom, as cheesy as that sounds. It's been a tradition that dates back to pre-school, but now that I'm older I have a $100 or under limit. Hey, it's also my birthday present, so it's really not that pathetic that mum is still buying my clothes!

So, as I enter my junior year of college, I wonder: What should I be wearing? It's a question many growing-ups have to ask in the transition from high school sweats to 3-piece suits.

Or McDonald's uniforms.

So ladies, here are my ideas for growing up up the wardrobe. On a budget!

The wide-leg jeans from Alloy totally cater to the hot Hollywood trend. While I'm not one to hop on bandwagons, I've tried on a pair, and they really are flattering! Plus, with my 37" inseam (true story! I'm 5'11 and alll leg) I'm all for Alloy sizes at the perfect price to try a trend, $31.60 for my size. Make 'em hot, hot, hotter with Steve Madden's bright color pointy-toe pumps peeking underneath, on sale for $29.99. To tone the look down, choose bright flats over heels. Tuck in a crisp, white shirt from Forever21 for $19.80 and strut your fine booty to the head of the class.

My school was voted #1, 2 and 5 party school in the nation for a reason (I'll let you guess which school!)- we need a reason to show off our cute outfits! Although I hate to link Forever21 twice in one blog, I can't even tell you how much adore this black sequin knit dress for $19.80. But it's a bit plain on it's own, so I added edgy purple leggings (until I can find teal ones! do you know any good ones?) from Target for $5. Throwing on ankle boots would look entirely too trendy with this look, so I'll keep it low-key with these metallic skimmers from Urban Outfitters for $29.99, on sale from $125. Sequins should serve as accessories enough, no need for anything but a headband, $2.99 from Wet Seal. Now, get your party on! I mean.. go study!

ps; Check out my latest fashion blog fav, Birdie Butters!


The Wannabe

Wednesday, August 22

A Great Time for Bathing Suits

It's time to buy a bathing suit!

"But Wannabe, Summer is almost over!"


Now is the time to catch the bathing suit sales! Just as Halloween candy prices hit the floor the day after, many designers have dropped their prices to where an entire suit could cost even less than just the top of a regularly-priced two-piece. $30 for just half? So not the Wannabe style!

$19.99 for top, $22.99 for bottoms
DKNY from regularly priced $56.00 and $46.00!!

$9.99 each,

Now ladies, please be real with yourselves while shopping. Don't buy a small bathing suit if you wear a medium in hopes of losing weight. Similarly, don't plan to gain an extra 10 and buy a size up! If you're not sure what will fit next year, just don't buy.


The Wannabe

Tuesday, August 21

Music around the globe

Welcome to your new favorite bands.. from all corners of the Earth!


Operator Please wins my heart with their quirky sense of style- musically and fashionably. Check into "Just a Song About Ping-Pong" and "Crash Tragic" for an instant mid-day energy burst! Plus, they're so flippin' cute it's sickening.

United Kingdom:

The Fratellis are a band of brothers that remind me of part two of The Beatles. Be prepared for second UK invasion starring these fine fellows. You've probably heard them in numerous commercials, such as the trailers for "Shrek the Third" and "Balls of Fury," and that iPod commercial that you know you dance to every time it comes on (admit it!).


Mika Nakashima is a wonderful infusion of Japanese pop meets jazz soul. Her music is so beautiful, I don't even care what she's saying. But incase you're curious, there's a great YouTube video that translates her every dirty secret in "Love Addict."

Stay tuned for the next edition of music around the globe! Who do you guys like to listen to?


The Wannabe

Monday, August 20

Ankle Boots: Demystified

Ankle boots are still hot for fall, but many people are not quite ready to give in to some of the season's cutest footwear. They can be pretty daunting, but once you figure out the mystery behind the baby boot, it's going to take some Sherlock Holmes work to keep you away!

Skinny Jeans:

I have thighs, therefore, I don't have skinny jeans. But if you can rock them, throw on a pair of ankle boots while you're at it! I love these JC Penney booties for $69.99, and they would go perfectly with either a cropped motorcycle jacket or a flirty top. Hardcore!

Knit Dress:

The knit dress and ankle boot trend is so incredibly hot for fall, but bare legs and ankle boots are pretty much a no-no, unless you're a supermodel. It usually takes tall, thin legs to carry these babies off with ease, and thankfully, opaque tights give this illusion! And even if you are a supermodel, who couldn't use a little help every so often? Invest in a good pair NOW, if you haven't already!

Payless, $29.99

PS; Buy in black or grey!

Be careful when thinking of pairing ankle boots with short shorts or a minidress without tights. Ankle boots can easily go wrong, don't let the hoochie effect happen to you!

No, no Miss Lohan!


The Wannabe

Sunday, August 19

Get thee to Nordstrom!

It's an end-of-season sale!



What are you waiting for?

The Wannabe