Thursday, August 30


If there's one part of my beauty routine that I can not do without, it's perfume. I feel self-concious all day if I forget! However, I don't believe that many people use the power of smell to their advantage. How many times has a friend told you about a great perfume, only to find it doesn't work well with your chemistry (or maybe hers?) Too often, if you ask me! has long been a black hole of procrastination. On a recent visit, I found this perfume quiz that was just so dead-on I had to share! Plus, the quiz results come up with some relatively inexpensive scents, although I believe in splurging a bit in this department.

It may be an old quiz, as all of my results led to dead links, but a quick Google search can help you re-find your scent!

By the way, my top scents were anything kid-like and sweet.. basically, dead on! I wore Escada's "Rockin' Rio" until it discontinued, and currently switch between PacSun's "Tilt" and Elizabeth Arden's "Provocative Woman," for day and night respectively. But I can't wait to get my hands on Armani's "Code" for women!

With a bottle this beautiful, it has to smell good.

What did you get, and do you think you'll try it out? Or, what scents are you currently loving? Would you ever buy a discount perfume or order online?

By the way- it's my birthday tomorrow! I may not post, but I'll try :D

The Wannabe


Mandee said...

I was BABY CAKES! I don't think i will try any that was pulled up. My fav perfumes are Juicy Couture, Vera Wang, & BCBG's line. I would definitely buy perfume online bc they don't make the BCBG line anymore. So...if i wanted it....i would have to buy it online. I am excited to sell Marc Jacobs Daisy. I tried the Marc Jacobs perfume before but it didn't agree with me. It made me feel sick to the stomach when smelling it.

Daphne said...

hey i really like your blog i added you to my favourites!

penelope said...

i'm using lacoste touch of pink right now and i'm so so so gna be getting Mj's daisy or the new juicy couture one(:


Seraphine said...

I'd never buy a discount perfume. I like any perfume that has vanilla in it. One thing I notice is so many women wear too *much* perfume. None is better than too much.

Kat said...

LOVE marc jacobs. thats my classic staple- for fancy outtings only. guess me and mandee wouldn't share scents.
also love arbonne's flirt. so fun for everyday or bbq's, etc.......
i need to put you under my fav sites, loveing reading your posts!