Wednesday, September 5

White After Labor Day

It's time to revolt!

I refuse to pack away my white mini dresses, especially when they look so cute with opaque tights!

Here's some background history:
The "no white after Labor Day" rule began with white shoes, where off-white would become the color of choice after the holiday. But then white shoes in general were deemed unfashionable, leading an entire tirade against the color, and the lightweight fabric it is usually found in, mainly by people who originally had no idea what "no white after Labor Day" even meant.


Sound the alarm, it's time for some fashion mayhem.

Start off small by carrying a white accessory or two, such as this $19.99 white hobo from Target.

Break the rules with this white t-shirt dress from Banana Republic, only $19.99. Why not rock this over a pair of dark skinny jeans or black leggings? Throw in some metallic accessories to look instantly pulled together.
And commit the ultimate faux pas with these (gasp!) white patent slingbacks from Guess, $47.99.

But please, rebellious fashionistas, carry a Tide to Go pen.. just incase. Stained white is never acceptable!

The Wannabe


Is it just me? said...

HEY! I'm Irish and we don't have Labour Day...If we had, I'd be right behind you with the bell.Gorgeous clothes are for wearing when you want to wear them..naturally this dosn't mean a bikini is cool on Christmas Eve...unless you're in St Barts drinking a mojito!!

Kat said...

it is a silly rule, isn't it? and no one really follows it.........
love that shirt dress, its super cute! i don't know if i could rock it though

WendyB said...

Hell, haven't these rule-followers heard of "winter white"? :-)

Hucky Duck said...

Hey, great blog! You're inspiring me to go shopping!!!

In Yr Fshn said...

I was raised in a household that took no white after labor day verrrry seriously. It's still so hard for me to break, but your post showed some really cute stuff worth brekaing it for...

Mike Licht said...

Wearing white shoes after Labor Day may have serious consequences.